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Sooo much meat…. | May 15, 2010

Last night I had one of the best meals I have ever had – we went to the famous and aforementioned Carnivore, and it lived up to all expectations. After a starter of carrot and mint soup, they brought out an array of salads and sauces – then came the meat. Waiter after waiter came up with huge hunks of meat on skewers, everything from pork spare ribs to turkey breast to the more exotic meats like ostrich, crocodile and camel. Ostrich was my favourite, it tasted very nice indeed. The camel was tough but also tasty. The crocodile was strange, like chicken but with a fishy taste. I don’t think I could eat a lot of it.

After becoming so full we could hardly move, we then had dessert and left. The atmosphere there was wonderful, and it while not cheap, it was good value for the amount of food you get. I’d love to go there again one day!

Yesterday was very chaotic as so many new volunteers arrived that there weren’t even enough beds, but it was fun to meet them all and we stayed up late having a drink and a chat. It is odd to think that two months ago I was the new one asking for help and advice, now it’s the other way around. How time flies! I hope the new volunteers have as good a time as I have 🙂




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