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Adventure! | May 17, 2010

Yesterday was a brilliant day – I went to Hell’s Gate, about two hours from Nairobi, with eight other volunteers and our Kenyan friends and guides, Jackson and Izzo. The first part of the trip was a 7km bike ride through beautiful countryside, and best of all, there is spectacular wildlife all around you in its natural habitat. We saw loads of zebra, a family of giraffes, baboons, gazelles, antelope, warthogs and water buffalo. We got very close to some of the animals, and seeing them in that setting was just amazing.

The second part was a hike through a gorge that was challenging to say the least, but offered some spectaular scenery. I’ll upload the photos once i get home, as it takes ages here 🙂

I am now into my last week of volunteering, and I am having mixed feelings. It will be sad to finish, but I feel a sense of accomplishment and I am looking forward to going on safari on Friday!

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