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Volunteer time over | May 20, 2010

Today was my last day working as a volunteer. Another group of kids and a teacher to say goodbye to, although these ones were not as sad. After all, I have only been here two weeks, and at this school they are used to white people coming and going. Nevertheless, they are nice kids and I will miss them, and also Elizabeth, the teacher I work with who is really great.

It is a strange feeling to have finished working here – the time has gone extremely fast, but it has been so full of challenges and new experiences. It has opened my eyes to the challenges these kids face, and how cheerfully they face them. One girl’s Dad last Thursday. She didn’t even miss a day of school. Kids in Europe would have made more of a fuss than she did if they had lost a toy. The ones in Mombasa were so poor they couldn’t even afford shoes, but they never stopped smiling. My respect for these kids and their teachers is enormous, and I am so happy to have shared my time with them.

The slight sadness at finishing my placement is mixed with excitement, because tomorrow I am going on a four day safari! I look forward to writing about it when I get back, and I promise not to get eaten by a lion.

All the best,



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