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Amazing safari! | May 23, 2010

I am in an internet cafe in Nakuru, a couple of days into my safari. So far, it has been everything I could hope for an more. In the past two days, I have seen lions, zebras, giraffes, hippo, a leopard, and so many other animals. We spent a total of over fifteen hours in the safari van and got extremely close to most of the animals. The highlight was probably getting within two metres of a pride of lions with about eight cubs. They were not scared at all, and the cubs played with each other and took milk from their mother as we watched. Also, there was a part where we got out and had a walk, accompanied by a ranger. During this, we came across a crocodile – this took my breath away, as I have always been fascinated by crocodiles and to be standing only metres away from one in the wild was both unbelievably exciting and a little frightening!

This morning, we went to visit a traditional Masai village. For those who don’t know, the Masai are a very big tribe who still live in a very traditional way, and they invited us to see their village and performed songs and dances for us ( I joined in the men’s dance, I can’t wait to see the photos of that!) I also got a necklace consisting of a single lion’s tooth, which I will always treasure. Visiting that village, and especially going for a cup of tea in a family’s hut, was also something that will always stay with me.

Anyway, back to the hotel and a good night’s sleep, ready for flamingoes and hopefully more close encounters with crocodiles tomorrow.

Bye for now!


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