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Safari over, Mombasa here I come! | May 26, 2010

Unfortunately safari is over. That was without doubt one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. The last day was spent in Nakuru National Park, Kenya’s smallest national park, but one that is also teeming with wildlife. We saw rhinos there, which meant we could tick off all the animals we had hoped to see – the only thing missing really was an adult leopard. The centrepiece of Nakuru park is Lake Nakuru, which many of you will have seen on TV – it is home to thousands of flamingoes, and they are a spectacular sight all along the shore. We even managed to get out of the van to get a closer look at them, although they scared very easily and scattered as soon as we started walking towards them. After leaving there, we headed home, tired but exhilirated by what we had seen.

I should also say a word about the campsite we stayed in. The ‘tents’ were tradtional-style huts. surrounded on all sides by beautiful hills and forests. It really was as close to nature as you are going to get without being in danger of getting eaten by lions! The campsite was looked after by really friendly Masai tribesmen – one of them even took me into the village in the pitch darkness so that I could watch the Champions League final on the village’s only TV, then took me back again after the game was over. That is definitely the most interesting place I have watched football!

Tomorrow I am heading back to Mombasa to see everyone, which I am really getting excited about, then Maggie and I are going to Lamu, which is an island off the coast that still has traditional Swahili architecture and customs. When I come back, it will only be one day before I fly home.



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