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Goodbye Kenya | June 8, 2010

This post is being written in Germany – things were so hectic in the last few days, I didn’t even get around to finishing my blog in Kenya.

As I mentioned in my last post, Maggie and I went from Mombasa for a weekend in Lamu, an island off the coast of Kenya. It was absolutely beautiful, a sort of African Venice – no cars, tiny narrow streets, amazing seafood and almost deserted beaches. Our hotel was a stunning 3-storey Swahili house with winding staircases and a rooftop restaurant, although there were a huge amount of mosquitoes there. I really would have liked to spend more time there, but unfortunately time did not permit that – two nights were all I could manage before we had to make the grueling 14 hour bus journey back to Nairobi.

After one more day in Nairobi saying goodbye to everyone and fighting off another (thankfully short) attack of Malaria, it was time to go. As the time has gone by, I have grown more and more attached to Kenya, especially Mombasa, and it was a real wrench to leave this morning. The people I have met and places I have seen there will always stay with me, and I really hope to go back again as soon as I can. Not only was I welcomed by the people I lived with, I was really made to feel part of the community everywhere I went. I come back with my eyes more open than they have ever been and, clichéd though it sounds, so much more appreciative of how lucky I am and how easy my life is.
Thank you to everyone who made my stay in Kenya so amazing (one person in particular, you know who you are), and thank you to all those who read this blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

Asante sana,



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